Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello! My second game for Android is JEWELS PUZZLE game!

You need to collect a certain pattern of blocks of one color. You can rotate a group of seven blocks clockwise or counterclockwise.
- Three modes of difficulty.
- Three sizes of the field.
- Four types of pattern and mix mode.
- Six levels.
- Three kinds of blocks.
- Sound effects.

There are LITE and FULL version of game.

Download links:
Hi, I present my third game LAVA BUBBLE ADVENTURE.

You are a funny lava bubble from lava lamp.
Your task is to explore lava lamps.
Collect stars and avoid enemy lava bubbles.

- Accelerometer control.
- Many fascinating and exciting levels.
- Beautiful music.
- Amusing graphics.

Now, game includes 2 level packs:
- BASIC PACK (free, 12 levels).
- ADDITIONAL PACK (paid, 30 levels).

 Download link:
Download from Google Play

Friday, November 4, 2011

Boy or Girl app

My first application for Android is "Boy or Girl".

There are male and female Android phones. This application helps to know gender of your phone! Boy or Girl?

Check gender of your Android phone now!

You can download this app from Android Market.
Download BOY OR GIRL

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crazy Snake game

Hello! I have published my first game Crazy Snake on Android Market.

Immerse yourself into 8-bit atmosphere of old school games! I present a new exciting game CRAZY SNAKE.
This is an amazing version of a classical snake!!!

You control one snake. Other snakes have artificial intelligence. Snakes can move to any direction!

Each level of the game consists of three sublevels with different goals:
DEATHMATCH - kill all enemy snakes.
GROW FIRST - the first increase to a certain length.
DOMINATION - a team game. You should capture control points. The goal of the team - first to collect a specified number of points.

You will meet gigantic snakes and flying dragons at advanced levels!

Features of game:
* Extraordinary game concept.
* 44 exciting levels.
* Cool 8-bit music.
* New smart enemy snakes.

You can download FREE or buy FULL version of Crazy Snake game from Android Market.

QR code of FREE version
QR code of FULL version