Retro World (EN)

Welcome to the official site of the game Retro World for Android!

The game is modeled in old 8- and 16-bit games of '90s.

The object of game is to find all stolen crystals, traveling around 9 Worlds. This game is a platformer, quest, with elements of the puzzle. You start each level in your Dream Town, where you get instructions of the Elder. As you progress through the game, more and more new locations are opening up for you.

There are many secret places and secret bonuses in the game.

Here you can see a playlist with a complete walkthrough of the game.

If you get lost or if you want to better explore the area, the maps are presented below under spoilers. (Some objects may be missing on maps)

Also, you can see and download all maps from a Google Drive

If you are having problems with solving any puzzle, then below under the spoilers there are solutions.

The dungeon of the Temple in Dream Town. To unlock the colored lock, you should ask an old man in the labyrinth about the code. The code is:

Level 5 - The Dungeon. In the dungeons there are two rooms with colored locks, there are hidden bonuses. The solution is:

Level 6 - The Fire World. In the cave, the old man immured the passage with color locks. If it is difficult for you to solve color puzzles (for example, if you are a dichromate or just do not want to understand color schemes), then the puzzle solutions are presented below:
1) Mix red and yellow, then mix blue and a little red. It does not matter what color scheme is used. The solution is:

2) The sun rays are mixed: green and red, blue and red, blue and green, yellow and blue. Here we use an additive scheme. The solution is:

3) These pair of colors mix on paper: cyan and magenta, cyan and yellow, green and cyan, magenta and yellow. Here we use a subtractive scheme. The Solution is:

4) The sun rays have been mixed. It needs to separate them. Take away blue from cyan. Take away red from white. Take away green from red. Take away red from magenta. Here we use an additive scheme. The solution is:

Level 7 - The Wind World. A resident of Freedom Town informed you the following information - The codes of the locks consist of three-digit numbers, the product of the digits of each code is 60 and the digits are arranged in ascending order. The codes are:

Level 7 - The Wind World. To get to the garden bed with nettle, you need to know about the color code from the people of Freedom Town:

Level 8 - The Electricity World. In Electric Spark Village, one of the residents offered to play the game "Thimbles". In this game there is no winning strategy, everything depends on chance. I recommend before starting this game to accumulate more seashells (more than 10 pieces) and find a save point in the Temple, if you have not already done so. The more seashells you have initially, the higher is the chance of winning. Starting the game, just choose glasses at random. Once you win 15 seashells, you can immediately take them to the Temple. And if you win 5 times, you will receive a prize to enter the secret level. If you lose all the seashells, then just load the game from the save point.

Level 9 - The Time World. You need to free the Elder from the trap. To do this, open the color lock. The Deity in the Temple will tell you hints to open the lock, if you bring him eggplants. The more eggplant you bring to the Deity, the more hints he will give. This quest is a task of mathematical logic. If it is difficult to solve the problem, see the solution presented below: